23 September 2014
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23 September 2014,

Exotic Veneer has become the first UK veneer warehouse to purchase and install the market-leading stock control, grading and sales system, TIMBERplus.

Working closely with Stephan Herold and the TIMBERplus team, Exotic agreed a deal to become the very first UK-based veneer merchant to take delivery of the industry-specific system.

Operated by many of the largest veneer manufacturers and wholesalers across the globe, TIMBERplus allows finger-tip stock control with live product costs and target sales prices whilst making the veneer grading and packing element of the business a whole lot more efficient.

Dean Harper, Exotic Veneer “TIMBERplus is a system we have been aware of for a few years as many of our key suppliers operate the software. It allows us to have live stock availability at our fingertips while maintaining a close-eye on purchase and sales prices. More importantly, TIMBERplus makes our whole business operation more efficient and we are now able to produce Order Confirmations, Delivery Notes, Sales Invoices and Log Tallies with a couple of clicks of a mouse, instead of typing them by hand like the good old days! We have just scratched the surface with this product and it will no doubt revolutionise the way UK veneer merchants run their companies in our ever-changing marketplace. It is no surprise that our competitors are now following our lead with the system introduction. Our next step will be adding pictures to our inventory to allow us to present our veneers visually on and iPad solution and our website. We are excited and very much looking forward to expand our business with the new tools we have.”

Stephan Herold, owner of Hamburg-based BSS Business Software Solutions “Dean and I have been discussing introducing our system into the UK for some time now, maybe three years, and following meetings in London and Germany, we successfully agreed a deal in mid-2013. The grading system was delivered in December 2013 and the work to improve the mechanics behind Exotic Veneer Co Ltd started. So far, they are very happy with the system and on the back of their contract, we have now also had Exotic’s competitors requesting the system.”


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