Wood, and in particular wood veneer, is one of natures finest creations so it right that our forests are managed to protect the longevity and sustainability. Not only do these forests produce the excellent raw material used for many purposes across the globe, they are also areas of outstanding natural beauty and home to many living plants and animals.

Exotic Veneer is fully FSC® and PEFC™ accredited and we take great pride in maintaining that our supply chain is also fully accredited and feels the same way about our forests as we do. After all, we all have to protect the future of the forests.

Where possible, we always try to ensure our purchases are of FSC® or PEFC™ Certified veneers. Whilst some species are not available with either certification Chain of Custody, we make sure the correct questions are asked of the potential supplier. Exotic Veneer is committed to the continual growth of FSC® or PEFC™ Certified veneers in our product range.

We are also fully compliant with the EUTR guidelines, which were enforced in March 2013. These guidelines mean we have to perform due diligence on our suppliers. Our suppliers are among the most reputable veneer manufacturers around the world.

Our FSC® and PEFC™ Certificates are available as PDF files, and can be requested by sending an email to info@exotic-veneer.co.uk